Clean, bright, modern facility where I got lots of attention and expert care from a team of specialists, although it’s not exactly cheap and I have to agree with one of the commenters that I’ve never paid as much for a periodontal cleaning as here, not even in the US. On the other hand, I got a bunch of implants, which *are* less expensive than in the US, and I feel taken care of very well. San Cristobal is a nice and intriguing place to spend some time and I will return in six months to get the crowns fitted on the implants. To the extent it is possible to look forward to dental work, I do.
Chaitanyo Taschler
Chaitanyo Taschler
16:14 24 Mar 21
The dentists and all the staff are very helpful, thorough, and kind. I had extensive work done at Salud Oral. The prices were extremely fair and all procedures were itemized with a plan of care laid out for me after the initial examination. I had a fear of dental work in the United States, but the gental hands and lack of judgement at Salud Oral made me very comfortable. Thanks for the new smile and renewed confidence!
Nate Lloyd
Nate Lloyd
23:54 08 Mar 21
Trato cálido y la doctora que atendió mi caso muy profesional. Excelente clínica.
Rob Ma Liisa
Rob Ma Liisa
00:37 04 Mar 21
son excelentes instalaciones con una base de jóvenes odontólogos preparados y se agustan a tu presupuesto, se recomienda ampliamente.
Javier Ramos
Javier Ramos
20:20 24 Jul 20
World class dental clinic! The entire team is so professional, welcoming, helpful, and friendly. All the place is very clean and comfortable. Cutting edge equipment, I am really impressed. I got two porcelain dental crowns in just 2 hours and a half.
Ingrid Nelson
Ingrid Nelson
04:49 12 Jan 20
If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist as a dental tourist, I highly recommend this office. I was looking for a cosmetic dentist when my wife had several broken teeth, and Dr. Pepe and his team fixed her teeth with dental veneers in just three hours, that looks just like a real teeth. During our cosmetic dentistry consultation, Dr. Pepe showed us a bunch of before and after pictures. He really likes to show all of his smile transformations. The color match was perfect. They have a really nice office and the front desk is really friendly and helpful. You can read reviews, but their patients before and after pictures are really the only proof that you need. They show you actual results for porcelain crowns, dental bridges, veneers, implant crowns and any other cosmetic dentist procedures you need. I give them 5 stars.
Daniel Noven
Daniel Noven
13:44 05 Jan 20
State of the art equipment. Keeps you informed during the process. High-level service. Very affordable compared to my American dentist. Centrally located in San Cristobal.
Bodil Fox
Bodil Fox
05:22 10 Dec 18
My experience at Salud Oral was fantastic. A state of the art clinic! Great service! English is spoken and you can communicate via email or cel phone. I highly recommend this clinic.
Danna Lewis
Danna Lewis
15:35 30 Nov 18
Excellent service, state of the art Dental treatment. English speaking.
Danna Lewis
Danna Lewis
15:07 17 Nov 18
I had my dental implant over two years ago! It was an excellent work in a short time! and the best it is the price! Thank so much!
Esperanza Pascacio
Esperanza Pascacio
18:56 07 Mar 18
I’m not sure that I can say enough about my very positive experience at Salud Oral. In December ’17, I had extensive dental work done and, from start to finish, I was greatly impressed. For the following reasons, I highly recommended this clinic to others:Dr. Pepe (José de Jesús Bermúdez Pascacio): extremely attentive, patient, a skillful and highly educated professional, very personableTreatment & techniques: without pain or trauma, high-tech, cutting edge techniques, efficientAssistants: thorough and sensitive to my needs, technicians on-siteFollow-through: very thorough, detailed and comprehensiveAdministration: accommodating to my schedule and patient when I had email difficultiesClinic: spotlessly clean, well laid out, pleasant, good location
Ke Pepp
Ke Pepp
16:42 06 Jan 18
Had my four wisdom tooth's extracted with Salud Oral. They were very professional and attentive. I had excellent service provided and loved the cleanness of the clinic. Will return for other services in the future.
Abby Matlock
Abby Matlock
00:16 28 Mar 17

Example Prices: Most Popular Dental Services

Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSavingsADA Code
100% Porcelain Crown CAD CAM technology.

Single tooth implant Crown with prefabricated abutment.1557760-0.51D6060/D6066
Porcelain veneer.1200470-0.61D2962
General dental cleaning adult270130-0.52D1110
Boost Whitenning both arch732220-0.7D9972
Root canal treatment anterior tooth.833200-0.76D3310
Simple extractions.18555-0.7D7140
Prices in United States dollars

We have our own laboratory: 

The 97% of clinics and dentists in the world send dental restorations to be made in an external laboratory.

Thereby losing control over standards of materials as well as the elaboration process, making it impossible to tailor each case to the individual´s needs, as well as slowing down the elaboration process and corrections in dental prostheses.

At Salud Oral, we have been working with our own laboratory for more than 15 years, allowing us to obtain fast, precise and high-quality results with our dental restorations.

We are not middlemen or operators of dental clinics:

We are a group of highly qualified specialists who run our own clinic, and are committed to maintaining quality and high standards of dental care. Our policy is not to belong to any of those clinic operators or practice matching services more focused on attracting patients than on treatment results and personalized care. Above all, we love our profession and through it we have found a way of serving others in a way that is personally fulfilling. 




My experience at Salud Oral was fantastic.

A state of the art clinic! Great service! English is spoken and you can communicate via email or cel phone. I highly recommend this clinic.

To give one example

All our dental crowns are designed and made on the computer and controlled by robot (see video) which allows us to have them ready on the same day you start treatment. NCSD (New Crown Same Day) is the name of the unique system we have developed. 

After only a few minutes in our clinic, you will see that we are serious about the need to have modern equipment and advanced technology. 



State of the art equipment, technology and procedures.

The Enigmatic and Alternative Location of Dental Tourism Mexico

50% of a treatment´s success is due to the recovery. 

Selecting a destination with a climate favorable to healing and recovery processes during dental treatments is key to a successful result. As you can imagine, climates that are too hot for example the beach are unfavorable to healing as they provoke more and longer-lasting swelling, and they oblige the patient to stay in their room, it not being recommended to go out in order to avoid being exposed to the sun and  high temperatures. 

Our clinic is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and evergreen forests, which allows us to enjoy an average temperature of 15 degrees centigrade, ideal for good healing processes. Being the most attractive colonial city in Mexico, full of pedestrian zones, magical hidden corners and cobbled streets, San Cristóbal de las Casas invites you to go on tours and walks not only in the city but also in the surroundings during the days of your dental treatment.  The food on offer is varied and delicious, and the concentration of cafes, design stores and proposals that mix modern and traditional will complete your journey and experience. 

Salud Oral not only has qualified dentists, but all our doctors are strictly obliged to have a specialization or Master’s degree. In this way we guarantee the highest obtainable result in each treatment that they do, meaning they are solely dedicated to resolving problems linked to their specialization.  
You begin by sending us an email ( where you explain your dental problems that need resolving, your availability and the dates when you could visit our clinic. We will send you a quote and an appointment timetable, which, after your approval, will be noted in our appointments´ book. 

Strict control of infections and hygiene.

The protection measures that we use in our dental clinics, as well as water use and waste disposal comply with the strictest international safety protocols.