We are committed to successful treatment.

We are committed to ensuring that during your trip to Mexico, your dental treatment will be entirely successful and that you will be in good hands. For this reason, our commitment to your dental health will continue even after you return home:

We will answer any questions and supply any advice you need upon finishing your treatment.

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We offer 3 years warranty in your dental restorations.

Partial or total restoration fractures.


Restoration that is displaced or completely comes out of its place.


Color changes in restorations without excessive consumption of foods or materials that cause pigmentation or erosion, apart from resins.

**Restrictions apply.

     Cases where the guarantee does NOT apply:


    Biological factors such as: recurrent cavities, periodontal illness, infectious or inflammatory conditions. 


  Missing future check-up appointments programmed every 6 months (at no extra cost to the patient).

** You must have the stamps on your post-treatment appointments card. 


 Loss of post-treatment appointments card.


 Owing for treatments. 

** International patients should present written evidence from their dentist in their city of origin that they have been going to check-ups every 6 months.