What are wisdom teeth?
This is another name for your third molars. These are the last teeth to appear and occupy their position in your mouth. There are four wisdom teeth: two on the upper jaw—one on the right and the other on the left side of the mouth—and two on the lower jaw—again, one on the right and one on the left. Wisdom teeth typically start to appear at approximately 18 years of age.  


Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
Simple extractions.18555-70%D7140
Complicated extraction.300100-67%D7210
Surgical extraction.500235-53%D7240
Third molar extraction.500235-53%D7240
Removal of residual tooth roots.344100-71%D7250
Conscious Sedation: Less than two hours NCSD$185.00$90.00-52.00%D9243
Conscious Sedation: More than two hours NCSD$260.00$145.00-48.00%D9243

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Effective diagnosis and painless procedure

Oral surgery is the oldest specialty within odontology and consists of the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases, anomalies and lesions in the mouth, jaw, teeth, and adjoining tissues. 

"Dedicated practice"

Seven years of practice dedicated exclusively to the extraction of third molars (wisdom teeth) and other complicated extractions




by the Mexican Council of Odontology


Do all patients have wisdom teeth?

There are three possibilities:

✔︎ First, wisdom teeth may erupt naturally and support normal and adequate chewing 

✔︎ Second, widsom teeth may become totally or partially trapped in the upper or lower jaw, provoking a series of problems that require professional attention.

✔︎ The third, and least likely, occurrence is that due to genetic factors, the third molar does not form and consequently does not erupt. 

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Do my wisdom teeth have to be taken out at a hospital?
The vast majority of extractions can be performed at our clinic, painlessly with local anesthesia.  A general anesthetic is administered only in extremely complicated cases, and where there is an associated problem. Due to safety reasons, this procedure must be carried out in a hospital and with an anesthesiologist.   
How can I treat these problems?
The best way to treat problems caused by the eruption of wisdom teeth—or, in due case, by their eruption being interrupted by being trapped in the upper or lower jaw— is through various preventive strategies.  The main option is always to try and ensure that the wisdom teeth erupt correctly, aligned with the bone and adjacent teeth. If this is not possible, the wisdom teeth should be removed. .    

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Benefits of COLD weather

Placing a dental implant is a procedure that is easier in a cool climate than a hot one

Heat can produce inflammation, which slows healing, and can make you, the patient, feel less comfortable in a hotter climate than you would be in a colder one. 

Colonial jewel + agreeable weather

“The most magical of the pueblos mágicos of Mexico”

Almost all year round, the climate is temperate, allowing you to spend pleasant days and nights appreciating the artistic, cultural, and culinary life of what we consider to be the Colonial Jewel of Mexico.

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