What are dental implants?

What are dental implants?

Implants aim to replace lost teeth in the best way possible:

✔︎ Functionally

✔︎ Aesthetically

An implant is a screw-shaped titanium fixture. It   is placed inside the gum in the mandibular or maxillary jaw, where the roots of the lost teeth used to be.

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Dental implants price Mexico

Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
Dental Implants
Surgical placement of implant body.1800760-58%D6010
Bone graft 1cc. (only if necessary).824280-66%D6104
Membrane (only if necessary).420205-51%
Temporary healing denture maxilla or mandibula.1799370-79%D5130/D5120
Single tooth implant Crown with prefabricated abutment.1557760-51%D6060/D6066
Single tooth implant Crown with custom abutment.1703810-52%D6063/D6065
Conscious Sedation: Less than two hours NCSD$185.00$90.00-52.00%D9243
Conscious Sedation: More than two hours NCSD$260.00$145.00-48.00%D9243

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Dental implants procedure its Comfort, well-being, and naturalness.

The most important challenge in modern dentistry is to ensure that patients who use implants and dental prostheses feel that these prostheses are part of their body, that they can eat safely and comfortably, and that these prostheses have a natural and esthetic appearance. 

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 8 Years of Schooling in Europe.

Doctor José Bermúdez studied in Spain, at the University of Barcelona and at the International University of Cataluña. Spain is one of the European countries with the highest number of dental implants. Doctor Pepe finished his studies in Einsiedeln, Switzerland.


17 Years of Experience

Even when placing a dental implant seemed to be a science fiction procedure, and there was no specialty in dental implants anywhere in the country, Dr. José Bermúdez was already placing dental implants in Chiapas, Mexico.


What are the advantages of changing my old prostheses for implants?

✔︎ No Metallic claps.

✔︎ No Palate.

✔︎ No Dental Adhesive.

Dental implants are a revolutionary dental treatment that has made the inconveniences and significant restrictions caused by conventional prostheses a thing of the past. 

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What is the difference between an implant and a conventional prosthesis?

Teeth that are supported by implantas

✔︎ Perform, look and feel like natural teeth.

✔︎ Allow you to smile, talk and eat with total confidence. 

✔︎ Are comfortable and stay in place.

✔︎ Do not need the support of other teeth. 

best dental work in mexico
best dental work in mexico

Benefits of COLD weather

Placing a dental implant is a procedure that is easier in a cool climate than a hot one.

Heat can produce inflammation, which slows healing, and can make you, the patient, feel less comfortable in a hotter climate than you would be in a colder one. 

Colonial jewel + agreeable weather

“The most magical of the pueblos mágicos of Mexico”

Almost all year round, the climate is temperate, allowing you to spend pleasant days and nights appreciating the artistic, cultural, and culinary life of what we consider to be the Colonial Jewel of Mexico.

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