What are dental esthetics?
Dental esthetics does not mean having white, bright and allegedly “perfect” teeth; rather, it means arriving at a functional solution that is responsive to the particular smile of every patient, respecting their physical, facial and personal characteristics. 

Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
Crowns, Veneers and Single Restorations
Porcelain veneer.1200470-61%D2962
Temporary veneer.77985-89%D2960
100% Porcelain Crown E-Max.1200420-65%D2740
100% Porcelain Crown CAD CAM technology. NCSD1200460-62%D2740
Boost Whitenning both arches732220-70%D9972
Zirconia Crown CAD CAM technology. NCSD1500500-67%D2740
In-lay E-Max. (100% porcelain).1141265-77%D2630
On-lay E-Max. (100% porcelain).1236280-77%D2644
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Dental Veneers

The solution to badly-positioned teeth, stains and deformed or outsized teeth through dental veneers is an excellent and fast alternative for our patients. 


The number ONE option

Doctor José Bermúdez studied in Spain, at the University of Barcelona and at the International University of Cataluña. Spain is one of the European countries with the highest number of dental implants. Doctor Pepe finished his studies in Einsiedeln, Switzerland.



More than 17 years of experience.

Even when fitting dental implants seemed to be a science fiction procedure, and there was no speciality in dental implants anywhere in the country, Dr. José Bermúdez was already fitting dental implants in Chiapas, Mexico.


Can I have an accurate sense of what the expected outcome of my esthetic treatment will be, before said treatment has begun?
Of course! Through a diagnostic study—based upon X-rays, photographs, model studies and a diagnostic wax-up—our patients can visualize the final result of their treatment, even before a dentist has handled a single one of their teeth.  

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What are the esthetic treatments that produce the best results?
With today’s materials and technology, practically every kind of treatment offesr highly esthetic results. However, the most common treatments are procedures involving dental veneers,  pure porcelain crowns, tooth whitening, dental implants and orthodontics.
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Benefits of COLD weather

Benefits of COLD weather

Placing a dental implant is a procedure that is easier in a cool climate than a hot one

Heat can produce inflammation, which slows healing, and can make you, the patient, feel less comfortable in a hotter climate than you would be in a colder one. 

Colonial jewel + agreeable weather

“The most magical of the pueblos mágicos of Mexico”

Almost all year round, the climate is temperate, allowing you to spend pleasant days and nights appreciating the artistic, cultural, and culinary life of what we consider to be the Colonial Jewel of Mexico.

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How mucho do dental implants cost in mexico

The Outstanding Natural Attractions of Chiapas.

Chiapas is a paradise of natural wonders and together with the state of Oaxaca, is a global biodiversity “hotspot”, forming part of the Meso-American Biological Corridor. It has a diversity of ecosystems, tropical rainforest, montane cloud forest, mangrove swamps, deciduous dry forest, grassland plains, pine forest, even tundra on the highest volcanic peaks. Chiapas has...

How mucho do dental implants cost in mexico

El Aguacero and Sima de Cotorras.

Both of these natural attractions are about 2 hours travelling time from San Cristobal. The first is one of the least visited but most beautiful places in Chiapas, a large waterfall within the Rio La Venta canyon. To get to the river, there is a   pathway down the canyon sides, through semi-deciduous forest. This...

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Misol Ha and Agua Azul

Both of these very different waterfalls are located on the road between Ocosingo and Palenque. If you are visiting the Palenque ruins, then be sure to include these natural wonders in your itinerary.  Although Agua Azul (Blue-Waterfalls) has been experienced significant tourism development over recent years, this natural sight is still unsurpassed. This waterfall consists...

where to go for dental work in mexico

The Lacandon Rainforest

If you have 4- 5 days, the largest and best preserved area of tropical rainforest in North America is well worth exploring. Here you will encounter ancient Maya cities, small Lacandon Indian villages, beautiful lakes and rivers, and pristine rainforest that is home for many species of animal. The forest is sufficiently large to support...

where to go for dental work in mexico

El Chiflon

A visit to this spectacular series of waterfalls, about 2 hours from San Cristobal, is best in the morning or midweek to avoid the crowds. The popularity of this attraction is understandable; many small waterfalls, rapids and blue turquoise pools within the forest, some suitable for swimming, lead you to the astounding final fall, one...

where to go for dental work in mexico


The archaeological site of Tonina is just 2 hours from San Cristobal, close to the city of Ocosingo. The majority of this site was excavated only relatively recently during the 70s 80s and 90s. The principal structure, the acropolis, rises over 70 metres above the main plaza and is one of the highest structures in...

How mucho do dental implants cost in mexico


This amazing site is worth visiting just for its spectacular setting, in the heart of the Lacandon Rainforest, on the banks of the wild Usumacinta River and is relatively close to Bonampak, another Mayan site, famous for its coloured murals. To reach the ruins you have to take a boat from the Chol Indian village...

where to go for dental work in mexico


The most visited Mayan site in Chiapas and a World Heritage Site is spectacularly positioned within a lush rainforest, the temples and pyramids seemingly emerging from the forest backdrop. The best time to visit is during the quieter early morning when the ruins and forest are often enveloped in a mysterious mist, penetrated by the...