We are not middlemen or operators of dental clinics:

We are a group of highly qualified specialists who run our own clinic, and are committed to maintaining quality and high standards of dental care. Our policy is not to belong to any of those clinic operators or practice matching services more focused on attracting patients than on treatment results and personalized care. Above all, we love our profession and through it we have found a way of serving others in a way that is personally fulfilling. 

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We have our own laboratory: 

The 97% of clinics and dentists in the world send dental restorations to be made in an external laboratory, thereby losing control over standards of materials as well as the elaboration process, making it impossible to tailor each case to the individual´s needs, as well as slowing down the elaboration process and corrections in dental prostheses.

At Salud Oral, we have been working with our own laboratory for more than 15 years, allowing us to obtain fast, precise and high-quality results with our dental restorations. 

To give one example: All our dental crowns are designed and made on the computer and controlled by robot (see video) which allows us to have them ready on the same day you start treatment. NCSD (New Crown Same Day) is the name of the unique system we have developed. 

After only a few minutes in our clinic, you will see that we are serious about the need to have modern equipment and advanced technology. 


State of the art equipment, technology and procedures.

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Deu to conscious sedation ...






We have disappeared the fear of the dentist and the wisdom teeth.

It all starts with a good diagnosis.

Like few clinics worldwide. We diagnose our patients through tomographic equipment that gives us invaluable information for making decisions on dental treatments to be carried out on our patients.

High image resolution with 3D/2D tomographic and radiographic reconstructions make our patients enjoy total certainty in the diagnoses or reassessments made by our group of specialists, nothing like the peace of mind and security that dental problems are being addressed with total certainty and precision.

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Highly specialized dentists.


We know that it is not only necessary to accumulate years of experience, it is also important to have modern and world class surgical and operation techniques. For that reason, each of our dentists is a specialist from a nationally and internationally recognized university and is committed to continual international training.

Strict control of infections and hygiene. 

The protection measures that we use in our dental clinics, as well as water use and waste disposal comply with the strictest international safety protocols. 

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Good English


Communication is vital for our international patients. That is why we make an effort to speak English fluently.

There will always be someone in the clinic on hand to clear up any doubts and give explanations in English. 

We use the best brands for our dental materials.

In order to obtain quality results in our dental treatments, knowledge of and the ability to use the most recent surgical techniques are not enough. Our priority is to use the highest quality materials that meet the strictest safety standards.

We guarantee that the brands used in our restorations and materials for your dental treatment are the same brands used today in Japan, Germany, Canada and the United States. 

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